Step 4: Keto

So I had just met this personal trainer named Jeff online and he recommended I read his book “The Habits and Hormones Solution: Faster Fat Loss and Better Health Through Modern Science” (you can get it here: The Habits and Hormones Solution: Faster Fat Loss and Better Health Through Modern Science)

It’s an easy read, not very long and talks about the impact that hormones can have on weight loss and the affects of insulin in your body. It’s not really a topic I am familar with so whilst I read it I find myself researching different concepts online to learn more and find out if they are true and what the pros and cons are. Jeff also explains how making incremental changes to habits slowly and steadily achieves results that are long lasting.

While researching, I find that everything in the book appears to be valid. But what is interesting is that the science behind what is being discussed does not seem to be well known. I find some information against the concept, but with no real evidence why.

Essentially I have discovered Keto.

I found myself disovering a whole new world, containing vast amounts of information and with testimonies of incredible results for weight loss and reversing diabetes.

In all my years of dieting, jenny craig, weight watchers, starving myself, I had never heard of this Keto concept. Essentially, eating a lot of fat, moderate amounts of protein and restricting your intake of carbohydrates. That this would then affect how your body runs and would essentially start to use fat as its fuel source and burn it up.

There was so much evidence out there. It seemed undisbutable. But it felt like this huge secret that had been deliberately kept from me. It’s this moment that made me decide to write a blog about my weight loss journey. Because if anything, I want to open the door for you to the Keto world.

At this point, If you are reading this and want to find out more than I strongly recommend you go here.

Keto absolutely changed my life. It showed me a new way of living and it can help you to. Spread the word. Keep calm and Keto on.

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