100 days of Keto and unbelievable results

Today is a good day. It is a day worth celebrating. I made it 100 days of Keto (notice I don’t use the word diet, that’s because this feels nothing like a diet).

I normally only weigh myself on a Sunday morning, but today is in my mind an important milestone. I can’t ever remember committing myself this long to a lifestyle change.

Here are my results:

Starting weight - 180kg (396 pounds)

Current weight - 147.4kg (324 pounds)

Total lost = 32.6kg (71.8 pounds)

Seriously. Over 32 kg’s lost in 100 days. I never could have imagined that I could lose so much. I am very pleased with this milestone. I have read stories online of people on Keto losing even more but this is the most weight I have ever lost and it’s proven to me that I can reach my goals.

Clothing-wise, I haven’t rushed out and bought a new wardrobe, but I did go and buy a hole punch for my belt (I am on my 12th hole already, I don’t want to buy a new belt because this one is such good quality and it’s a great reminder of how much weight I am losing). The clothes I do wear feel more loose. And I feel amazing. When you get as big as I was, even little things like putting on your socks, or taking out the rubbish or not getting a car park close to your destination can seem like a big deal because of the effort required. None of this matters anymore. None of this impacts my day.

The change has been unbelievable. I have to admit, when I look at my stomach, I still feel like this area contains a lot of fat, I seem to be losing more off my waist and other areas but I have read about other Keto soldiers who have also seen areas of their body take more time than others when losing weight.

I can’t help but smile at the thought of the journey I have made and the achievements yet to come.

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  • Pretty awesome results! Do you have an update or any before and after pics? I’m nearly the same starting weight and getting ready to start my journey on keto (for the second time)… Id love to hear how it’s going for you 🙂

    • Hey Mike – thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, life had some surprises in store and I fell off my weight loss journey. About two months after this I hit a plateau at 135kg (297 pounds). And for one reason and another I have crept back up to my weight at this post!

      I am looking forward to getting started again – hopefully I have the same awesome 100 days!

        • Hey Lisa – thanks for your encouragement. I’ve had heaps of people ask me for a meal plan to help get started so I am busy putting one together. Send me a private message on my Facebook page and I will gladly share with you when I’m done 🙂 Link to Facebook in the sidebar.

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